Friday, May 20, 2011

Jenny's Last Swing Before the Ring!

Sweet Home Alabama.  :)  I'm back in Birmingham for the time being so that I can pack for my 11 weeks in Boston.  Any female that packs for an extensive time away probably knows exactly what I'm thinking: HOW does one fit all clothing/suits/shoes/etc in two suitcases?  Well, I still don't have the answer...and while I'm procrastinating I thought I'd give some updates on my time back in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Most notably, on May 14, 2011 we celebrated my friend Jenny's BACHELORETTE PARTY!  We celebrated by going to a Brewer Game at Miller Park.  Everything was set to go to tailgate and celebrate before going into the game, but mother nature (typical wisconsin) had a completely different plan for us. Standing outside in the freezing rain was pretty much unbearable.

I've become so warm-blooded I couldn't even go outside.

Once we got inside though, we had a pretty great time at TGI Fridays.
(see our super cute shirts nicki made!)

Even though I came out $80 poorer* it was still a great way to celebrate Jenny's upcoming nuptials and spend time with the girls.
*After TGI Fridays, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to go out and buy everything Sausage Racing related at the Team Store - hat, socks, stuffed doll, magnets, silly straws... I had to stop myself before I bought the titletown belt.

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