Friday, May 13, 2011

Something Borrowed

I have had so much to say in the past two days!  Thankfully blogger is back up and running (I was starting to have panic attacks/early hot flashes/social media withdrawal).

Last night my girlfriend Kristi and I FINALLY went to see the movie 'Something Borrowed' !!!!

We actually both started reading the Emily Giffin series back in undergrad together and were instantly HOOKED.  (We even gave each other the books for graduation presents.)  So yes, we were ecstatic when we heard the novel 'Something Borrowed' was going to become a movie!  All in all, I LOVED how the movie complimented the book.  

....AND for anyone looking for a great chick-lit novel, definitely read these other Emily Giffin novels (the characters are often in someway related even though it's not the same story-line).

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